City Farm Values

“We need to create an alternative on a scale that can’t be dismissed, and that showcases the pleasure and beauty of life values—
of being in the right place with plants, animals, and people.” — Ken Dunn

City Farm cultivates. We turn fallow, vacant land into a fertile plot that is economically viable, favorably impacts food security, offers a fair and economical way to address the lack of fresh produce in underserved areas of the region, and has lasting ecological and health benefits. Urban farming by its nature involves community building and requires a significant amount of social interaction with community members. By choosing locations strategically, urban farms can become an integral part of the urban economic, social and ecological system.

City Farm teaches.
We mentor teens, train prospective farmers, and teach communities how to farm and how to reap the benefits of greening a fallow, vacant piece of land. We maintain a permanent training and demonstration facility.

City Farm shares. We distribute produce to communities that do not have access to fresh food. We coordinate with community organizations and grocery stores to deliver over 330,000 pounds of perishable food to those in need.

City Farm advocates. We believe that we all benefit from shared experience and knowledge whether that is the most efficient way to farm or the most effective way to compost. We advocate for best-practices to insure the safety of our area’s food supply.

City Farm conserves. We are stewards of urban resources, land, labor, organic waste and water. We provide a closed loop of sustainability, growing vegetables, selling to restaurants, collecting food refuse from those same organizations, turning that into compost, using compost to grow more vegetables. We also operate our farm vehicles off of biodiesel. Read more.

City Farm is sustainable and replicable. We are proactively working with city officials and other government agencies to discuss future expansion in areas that will best serve our diverse community. We are not landowners; we provide jobs, produce and green space to a community until other uses can be found for the land. We increase the value of the land.

City Farm is productive. City Farm is capable of producing over 25,000 pounds of produce on one acre during its growing season. It supports its operation by selling a percentage of its yield to restaurants and through farm stands at retail prices, it sells a percentage of its yield to communities without access to fresh produce at greatly reduced prices.

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